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Responsible for Data Protection

Dr. Matthias Junker
Orlandostr. 8
80331 München

Phone: +49 (089) 291 651 63
Fax: +49 (089) 291 683 47

Data Protection

As a psychologist, I have to deal everyday with confidential information. What people tell me often touches the kernel of their personality. In the therapeutic conversation, this information enjoys the total protection of mandatory professional secrecy. But also when you visit this website, information in the form of digital data is transmitted. On this page, I would like to explain in detail which personal data I collect and how I continue to use these data. While doing so, I fully respect the legal regulations of data protection as well as this Data Protection Policy.

You can principally surf on my website without having to disclose any personal data, that is you do not have to tell me who you are and what is your request. Should you, for example, voluntarily enter personal details into the contact form, these data will only serve to contact you via email or to consult you on the phone. I do not pass on these data to a third party and I would, if I were obliged to do so, inform you instantly and get your consent. I am also making an effort to save these data in a way which is not accessible to third persons.

Yet, I would like to point out that the data transmission in the internet involves security risks of a third party which cannot totally be eliminated. Especially, when communicating via email, I cannot guarantee absolute data security. If you are in doubt, I therefore recommend that you call me or chose the postal option.

Below, I will give you an overview of the data collected when visiting my website, and of all tools employed on this web site which are of relevance concerning your data protection. You have the possibility to prevent the use of these tools by a third party, and I will gladly assist you with concrete instructions. Should you shy away from this effort, I would ask you to retrieve your important information via phone.


Cookies are small text files saved to your device by your browser when you surf in the internet. The so-called “sessions-cookies” are deleted when you leave my website. Other cookies, e.g. of a third party, remain stored on your computer.

The settings of your browser allow you to decide if you want to accept cookies or not, or if the browser shall automatically delete the cookies after surfing. If you deactivate the utilization of cookies, there might be functional restrictions while using my website.

You can delete cookies from your computer without any risk by finding the cookie folder with the search function of your operating system and deleting all files in it, or by using an Internet Privacy Software which does that for you.

Access Data (Server Log-Files)

My website is hosted on a virtual server of Host Europe. This is a company offering since 1997 various products in the field of web hosting and cloud services. On April 2017, GoDaddy Inc. has announced its final takeover of Host Europe. Host Europe collects and saves data in so-called Log-Files, i.e. in the form of automated protocols which grasp certain services on the server.

Among these access data are the IP address of the user, the time of the access including the time zone, the notification of a successful or unsuccessful call, the name and version of your browser, your operating system and the referrer URL of the page visited.

These data are archived and will be deleted after a certain period. The so-called access-Log-Files are removed after 60 days, all other Log-Files after 7 days. The page of the provider gives you further details.

I do not use these Log-Files to find out your identity, and I do not combine them with other data. I reserve the right to additionally check these Server-Log-Files, should there be concrete evidence of an illicit use.

Contact Form and Form to Order Brochures

When you fill out the contact form, I am asking you to provide personal information (first and last name), contact information (email address) and your request. Filling out the form to order brochures, I will additionally ask for the selection of brochures and their language.

I need this information to give you a qualified answer and to understand your interest resp. which kind of brochures you need. All other particulars are optional. My server saves these data as an email which is forwarded to me. I do not pass on these data to a third party and I would, if I were obliged to do so, inform you instantly and get your consent. Should you assess this kind of contact to be too unsecure, I kindly ask you to present your request via phone.

Blood Alcohol Calculator

The blood alcohol calculator can be used all anonymously. You are free to provide personal data if you want to obtain a pdf-printout tailored to your person. You can, however, also enter a fully anonymous name-code. Of course, the calculator needs your personal data (gender, age, weight, height), as well as details concerning the DWI (blood alcohol level, data concerning the period of elimination), to perform a meaningful calculation.

These data are internally processed on my server in the programming language PHP, for the mobile version in JavaScript. The result will be presented to your convenience as a pdf-file or in the mobile version as an online page. When your request resp. the calculation ends, these data are automatically deleted from the RAM (memory) of the server and will not be available afterwards. I do not save any data and I do not care if you have used the blood alcohol calculator. Thus, of course, I also do not pass on any data to a third person.

Data Transmission of a Third Party

On no other page of my website than the contact form, the form to order brochures, and the form to calculate your blood alcohol will you be asked any personal details. Data concerning your surf behavior are collected on all pages with the help of special analysis tools. I will introduce and specifically name all of them to you. I will also show you ways how to prevent the use of these data by third parties.

My website contains as well share button of social media providers, and a page where you can watch YouTube videos. Below you will get detailed information about these features.

Tools of Analysis

Google Analytics

To optimize my web portal and to design it favorably for my clients, I consult the well-known Web analysis service Google Analytics by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

This program helps me to understand how you and other visitors use my website. It utilizes certain “cookies”, i.e. text files which are stored on your computer to gather information about your surf behavior. The data produced by the cookie about your use of my website (including your IP address) are transmitted to a server of Google in the US and stored there. Google needs this information to analyze your use of my website, to provide me with reports about your web activities, and to offer further services related to your use of the website and the internet. It cannot be excluded that Google hands over this information to a third party. However, Google has assured that it will not associate your IP address with other data of Google.

Below, I will specify what I have done to optimize your data protection and which possibilities you have to prevent the data transfer to Google.

IP Anonymization

A use of Google Analytics, concurring with data protection necessities, requires the activation of the IP anonymizing function by means of an adapted tracking code. This has been achieved on all pages of my web portal. Before your data are transferred to the US, your IP address will be shortened inside the members of the European Union or other states of the European Economic Area. Yet, Google reserves the right to transfer, in a special case, the full IP address to an own server in the US before shortening it there.

Browser Add-On

As shown above, you can prevent data being collected and saved by cookies by deleting the existing cookies and by deactivating the storage of cookies in the settings of your browser. This can lead to functional restrictions while using my website. Google offers the download of a Browser Add-On to deactivate Google Analytics. It is available for all relevant browsers (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera). If you install this Add-On, you prevent that the data obtained by cookies about you (including your IP address) will be transferred to Google and further processed there.

Objection against the Collection of Data

As the Browser Add-On does not work on every device, you can realize your right to object the data collection by Google by clicking onto the link at the end of this paragraph. This will set a so-called Opt-Out cookie which prevents the collection of your data when again visiting my website. I recommend declaring this objection against the data usage of Google on all of your systems, thus preventing an inter-device assignment of your use with your Google User-ID: Deactivate Google Analytics.

Contract of Data Processing

I have signed a contract with Google Inc. regulating the processing of data and I have consented to the supplement regarding data processing in my account settings of Google Analytics. I thereby fulfill the guidelines of the German Data Protection Administration when using Google Analytics.

Demographic Features

On my website, I have enabled the function “Demographics and Interests reports” of Google Analytics. Additional access data will be collected, e.g. the age, sex and special interests of my site visitors. These data are taken from Google’s Advertising or visiting data of third parties. They can, however, not be assigned to a certain person.

You can prevent the transfer of demographic features in two ways. You can simply deactivate this function in the display settings of Google. Here you find an instruction. You can, however, principally object to any collection of your data by Google Analytics if, on all of your devices used to surf the internet, you click onto the following link, thus setting the Opt-Out Cookie: Deactivate Google Analytics.

Privacy Policy of Google Analytics.

The following link will retrieve the Privacy Policy of Google Analytics. By using my website, you initially agree with the collection and usage of data about you by Google Analytics in the way described there. You have however, as I have shown to you, the option to object to this capturing of data, i.e. you can prevent Google from collecting or employing information about you. Simply click onto the link: Deactivate Google Analytics.

Google Maps

On the web page which presents to you the location of my office, the office hours and the options to make an appointment, you also find a map of Google Maps. It is supposed to help you to easily find my office at the “Platzl” in the centre of Munich. By using this web page, you agree to the collection and further employment of the data thus obtained by Google Inc. If you do not want these data about you to be obtained, you can deactivate JavaScript in your browser. The map of my office will then no longer be visible. Further information concerning the terms of service of Google Maps provides the link of this sentence.

Yandex Metrica

Furthermore, this website applies Yandex Metric, a web analysis and click-tracking service of the Yandex Company in Russia, 16 L. Tolstoj-Str., 119021 Moscow. The information created by this service about your use of my website (including your IP-address) will be transmitted to a server of Yandex in the Russian Federation and stored there. In this process cookies can be employed. These are small text files which are locally stored on the computer of the site user. They are needed to recognize a new visit of my website. Yandex will use this information to analyze your use of my website, to gather reports about web activities for the provider of the website and to yield other services connected to your use of the website and the internet. Yandex will eventually hand over these data to a third party if this is legally prescribed or insofar as third parties will process these data on behalf of Yandex.

As described above, you can prevent this form of data collection and storage by deleting existing cookies and by denying the storage of cookies of the website in the settings of your browser. This can lead to functional restrictions while using my website.

You also have the option to block the individual data transfer to Yandex Metrica by installing and activating the respective Opt-Out Add-On for the browser of your choice. The link of this sentence leads you to the Opt-Out Add-Ons of the main browsers of Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. The Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of Yandex Metrica you will find in the links of this sentence.

I have signed a contract with Yandex Metrica regulating the Processing of Data and I have consented to the supplement regarding data processing in my account settings of Yandex Metrica. Further information regarding the compliance of Yandex Metrica with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the European Economic Area you find here.

Matomo (formerly PIWIK)

With the open-software Matomo of InnoCraft Ltd., 150 Willis St, 6011 Wellington, Neuseeland, I would like to introduce to you another tool of analysis. The program stores a cookie on your device and gives me information about your use of my website (s. above). It stays on the device until you delete it. As a user you have the full control over the utilization of cookies. In your internet browser, you can deactivate or restrict the transfer of cookies. You can delete saved cookies, and you can automate this process. In this case, functional restrictions of my website are possible. Since the software Matomo is installed on my server, a storage of personal data will only take place there. Data are therefore not passed on to a third party.

I have moreover applied all the precautions of Matomo to optimize your data protection. Thus, the function to anonymize your IP is activated. This will lead to a masking of 2 bytes of your IP address. An assignment of the shortened IP address to the calling computer is thus no longer possible. The next link will give you further details about the Privacy Policy of Matomo.

You can activate the “DoNotTrack” option in your web browser which is respected by Matomo. It promises you a further possibility to get out of the tracking of analysis services, publicity networks and social platforms. Here or here you find instructions how to activate this option for all main browsers.

Social Media Buttons (Share Buttons)


My website contains the Share-Button of the social network Facebook by Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA. You recognize this button by a white “f” and blue background. When you hover over the button with the cursor of your mouse, the text “Share on Facebook” will appear. An overview of all Plugins of Facebook contains the link of this sentence. Visiting my website, the Facebook plugin establishes a direct connection between your internet browser and the Facebook server. The provider of this social network will thus find out which of my web pages you have visited with your IP address.

Should you be logged into your Facebook account and then click onto the Share-Button, you can link the content of the visited page to your Facebook profile. Facebook can thus assign your visit of this page to your Facebook account. I do not know which kind of data are thus transferred and what further happens to these data. You may obtain detailed information by consulting the Privacy Policy of Facebook. The assignment just mentioned can be prevented, if you log out of your Facebook account before visiting my website.


My website contains the Share-Button of the Twitter Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. You recognize this button by a white bird (“Larry the bird”) and light blue background. When you hover over the button with the cursor of your mouse, the text “Tweet” will appear. If you are logged into your Twitter account and if you especially use the function re-tweet, the provider is enabled to associate your Twitter account with the frequented internet pages and hand this over to other users. I do not know which kind of data are thus transferred and what further happens to these data. You may consult the Privacy Policy of Twitter. You also have the option to change the handling of your data in the Settings of your Twitter account.


My website contains the Google+ Share Button of the Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. You recognize this button by a white “g+” and a red-orange background. When you hover over the button with the cursor of your mouse, the text “Share on Google+” will appear. The button enables you to globally publish content in the web in a personalized form. Google stores information about the content of the page you have awarded with a +1 click as well as the process (the share click) itself. Your +1 clicks can come in handy in others Google services, e.g. in the search results of the search engine of Google, in other web pages or in internet publishing. Google will archive them as +1 Google activities.

You can only use the Google+ Share Button if you open a public profile and profile name with Google. This name will then be available to all Google services, i.e. also Google+1. The identity behind your profile can be shown to other users who know your email address or who possess other information which identifies you.

Google tells us that the collected information will be used to optimize their own services for you and others according to their own privacy policy. Google also compiles statistics of Google+1 activities and reserves the right to hand these over to third parties. If this way of dealing with your data by Google+ does not appeal to you, you can delete your Google+ profile by means of a so-called Downgrade. I would like to raise the precaution that this step is irrevocable and can delete important personal data of other Google services as well.


My website contains the Share-Button of the LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. You recognize this button by a white “in” and a blue background. When you hover over the button with the cursor of your mouse, the text “Share on LinkedIn” will appear. When you visit my site, the server of LinkedIn will get the information on which of my pages you have been with your IP address. Should you be logged into your LinkedIn account and should you click onto the Share-Button, then LinkedIn will be able to associate the visited web page with your user account. I do not know which kind of data are thus transferred and what further happens to these data. You can prevent this assignment by logging out of your LinkedIn account, before you visit my website. You may want to consult the Privacy Policy of LinkedIn.


Under the menu ‚Internet‘ you can select a web page which shows you drugs videos made available by the YouTube portal. The provider of this portal is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. By visiting my page, data will be transmitted to the YouTube server. YouTube will know that you have been on my page. If, at the same time, you are logged into your YouTube account, the provider can associate your surf behavior with your personal profile. You can log out of your YouTube account to prevent this kind of assignment. Since YouTube is part of the Google Inc, you find references to the protection or usage of data of this portal in Google’s Privacy Policy.

SSL Encryption

While visiting my website, you will notice that all pages are securely encrypted and transmitted via the SSL-protocol. You can verify this by the fact that the address of these pages starts with https:// and not http://. You will also detect a green lock in front of the address line. When you click onto it, you can have a look at the kind and duration of the certificate. All the data which you transfer to me while surfing are thus protected and cannot be read (deciphered) by a third party.

Email: TLS Transport Encryption

The data obtained by the forms are transferred to you as an email message using the TLS transport encryption in the explicit SMTP+STARTTLS version on port 587. Although this method is considered safe, if the recipient also takes care of an adequate encryption, hidden security risks in the form of so-called “man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM) can probably never be totally excluded. In case of doubt, it is therefore advisable to contact me per post mail or telephone.

Your Right as the Person Concerned

The federal law of data protection gives you the right to inform yourself about the collection and processing of your personal data without any costs. You have the right to have these data corrected, made unavailable to users, or deleted. You have the right to object to a processing of your data, you can renounce a former approval at any time, and you have the right to data portability in compliance with legal requirements. Just refer to me under the contact data provided in the impressum.

Right to Lodge a Complaint with the Regulatory Authority

In case of violations of data protection, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the appropriate regulatory authority. This is the Regional Data Protection Supervisor of the federal state in which my office is located. A list of the Data Protection Supervisors with their contact information contains the following link:

Modification of Privacy Policy

I reserve the right to adapt this privacy policy in case of changes of my website, a new legal position or other necessities. The actual version will always be displayed on this Web page. I may ask you to regularly consult the content of this privacy policy.

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